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Travel Tea-scapes in Southern Japan

Tea traveling in Southern Japan, green tea fields are everywhere; on the sides of mountains, in valleys, and driving along the roads.  It’s amazing to see the large tea fields that cover vast areas throughout the region. The fields are magnificently green. Walking in a tea field creates a refreshing feeling of calm, peace and serenity; the very same effect as drinking the tea physically. Tea Plantation in Nansatsu Plateau, Kagoshima The southern tip of Japan in Kagoshima is the 2nd largest area in Japan for growing organic tea. The land is fertile everywhere thanks to Mt. Sakurajima (means Cherry Island). The volcano has spewed ash and minerals throughout the region for hundreds of years. The volcano is now connected to Okuma Peninsula after eruptions in the early 1900’s. Mt. Sakurajima is literally just across the bay and a part of the city of Kagoshima. Houses are built at the very bottom of the volcano. Smoking, steaming and spewing ash frequently darkens the sky. This is part of the daily life in Kagoshima. The volcano is rated a …