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Journey to a Green Tea Field

On the wall in a local coffee shop where I would buy my morning cup of tea, was a beautiful picture of a foggy hillside with workers hand-picking tea in a green tea field. I really enjoyed looking at that beautiful picture and one day I stated out loud, “I really want to visit a green tea field!” Sure enough a year later, that’s exactly where I ended up… Standing in a green tea field, you breathe in the air. The whole side of the mountain smells like tea and permeates your being. Drinking a cup of matcha, is just like standing in the field. The fresh smell of tea is the same and the gentle aroma of tea creates a sense of well-being with a nice little lift. Matcha had an extra benefit, it helped overcome jet lag and travel fatigue. That’s why I’m an advocate for matcha green tea. It helps restore energy when traveling, provides mental clarity and it has a natural lift with the right combination of l-theanine and light caffeine. …


Coconut Green Tea Ice Cream

Green tea ice cream made with matcha, has a bold and delicious flavor!  It’s bright green color makes it eye appealing and you can almost taste that wonderful matcha flavor just by looking at it! Once you’ve tried it, it will move to the top of the list of your favorite green tea ice creams. A regular bowl of matcha is often served with a sweet treat, called wagashi, a confectionery treat in Japan.  There is just something perfect about matcha’s distinct earthy flavor that combines well with something sweet. It is so enjoyable in ice cream you will find yourself wanting it more and more. Some natural food stores are carrying brands of green tea ice cream, but if you want to make a batch at home here is a delicious recipe to try. Ingredients: 2 cans full fat coconut milk, pre-chilled (this is very important as it makes the ice cream creamy, like ice cream should be!) 4 T of matcha (we use Foodies culinary grade for it’s great taste and beautiful bright green …