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Tea Lover’s Matcha

Tea Lover’s Matcha is by far one of our favorite ‘drink it straight’ savory matchas. This ceremonial organic green tea is provided from My Matcha Life Products. It has a richer, more complex flavor or ‘umami’ compared to most ceremonial grade matchas. It is smooth, pleasant and naturally sweet, making it perfect to drink hot as is or over ice. We like it both ways. Tea Lover’s Matcha is a Ceremonial Matcha- What exactly does ceremonial mean? The name ‘ceremonial’ is reserved for matchas of a high grade used in the famous Japanese tea ceremonies throughout Japan. Quality matcha comes from picking the top five leaves picked from the tea plant. Prior to harvest each May, the tea is grown under shade cover. This forces the chlorophyll and nutrients up to the outermost leaves of the plant which are then picked and stone ground into a fine matcha powder. This growing method produces a natural sweetness and high quality nutrient content. Additionally, the tea fields are fed with organic composting and natural water wells insuring …