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For All the Tea in China

It is known that the first origins of growing and drinking tea began in China some 4,500 years ago. The Yunnan Province of China is the actual birthplace of tea where people learned they could brew and enjoy tea.  Yunnan is the home of the world’s oldest cultivated tea tree found in the rain forest, known as the king of tea trees and about 3,200 years old. During the last 4,500 years, tea drinking has spread worldwide, with an amazing story of trade and  some very interesting clandestine operations in 1848 by Scottish tea botanist, Robert Fortune. The plan? to make tea accessible to the western world. Here is a brief progression of tea development leading up to the story of Robert Fortune’s journey to China: 2737BC  ~Legend claims that the discovery of tea by the Emperor of China. People drank tea for its medicinal qualities and flavor. 1046-256BC  ~During Zhou Dynasty tea is part of religious offerings. 202BC  ~During the Han Dynasty, tea plants were quite limited and primarily enjoyed by royalty and those who could afford the tea. 618-907AD  ~During …