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Green Tea and Protection from DNA Damage

North America has only experienced matcha in the marketplace for about 10 years, and it’s just now becoming a more recognized word. In Japanese , ‘ma’ means stone-ground, and ‘cha,’ means tea, or stone-ground tea called ‘matcha.’ Green tea leaves are lightly steamed and dried, then slowly ground into a nutrient rich powder. The matcha powder is whisked with hot water to become a delicious hot cup of tea. With matcha trending in the marketplace, it’s important to understand the health benefits and why it’s so beneficial to help maintain good health. . Matcha is loaded with polyphenols called EGCg’s. Fighting against the underlying causes of aging and disease here are several reasons why it’s important to include matcha in your daily diet:  Green tea offers neuro protection for Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Disease, this is specifically attributed to the polyphenols within matcha. Green tea is known to fight against excess Metabolic Syndrome, a combination of abdominal fat, high blood pressure, elevated glucose, and abnormal lipid profiles. Drinking a daily matcha can help reduce problems that result from metabolic syndrome …