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Coconut Matcha Fantasy

Coconut Matcha Fantasy created by Kelly Lowes from Raw Gourmet La Vie (see Kelly’s Bio) Kelly Lowes is a strong advocate for health and raw food. Her creations use natural ingredients and at the same time provide an amazing culinary experience. Who says raw food cannot be heavenly good? Frosting Ingredients: 2 cups Thai young coconut meat 1/8 tsp. Himalayan sea salt ¼ cups melted coconut oil ½ cup of agave ¼ tsp. vanilla extract 2 tbsp. lecithin granules (grind to powder in a spice/coffee grinder) ½ tsp. Bragg apple cider vinegar 3 tsp. matcha powder Directions: Place coconut meat, salt, agave, vanilla extract, apple cider vinegar, and matcha into a high speed blender. Blend until creamy smooth. Turn the blender on low and slowly add the melted coconut oil. Add the lecithin powder while the blender is still on low and blend until evenly distributed. Do not over blend. Place into an air tight container in the refrigerator for 3 to 4 hours. Crust Ingredients: 2 cups cashew meal ½ cup organic unsweetened coconut flakes ½ …