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Hello Tea Lovers

Welcome to A Taste for Tea featuring matcha teas. On our site you will learn all about matcha, where it comes from, how it’s grown,  and harvested. You will also learn how to make a great cup of matcha and how to use matcha in special recipes! We will also list our best sources to find excellent quality matcha tea. Really good matcha should look like this picture, a very nice bright green. Mixing it well, bubblies appear naturally on the top. It should have a natural, smooth, sweet taste without fillers or additives or any kind.  In this picture is a traditional matcha bamboo spoon. Also a Chasen which is a Bamboo Whisk made out of one piece of bamboo, and Tea Lover’s Organic Ceremonial matcha.  You can buy these through our Bonanza widget in the side column or a clickable link.