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Get the ‘Skinny’ on Matcha

Most people who care about their weight and health want to incorporate things in their diet that improve their health and help keep weight off; and better yet, help burn fat calories. We all have an optimal weight where we feel good about ourselves, look good in our clothing, have more energy and feel more attractive. It’s often been said, “When we feel good, we look good!” This is where matcha comes in, because matcha it is all about staying healthy and feeling good. And it just happens that matcha is a delicious tea that boosts our metabolism. The matcha combination of the low-level caffeine amino acid, theophylline and the feel good amino acid l-theanine*, create a gentle pick-me up with a sense of calm well-being and mental clarity. This combination is a slower, sustainable release of the caffeine over a longer time without a big spike up. Tiffany Picard, rock climbing Crazy Horse in Chiang Mai, Thailand We burn fats with more active energy, making matcha drinking perfect to promote an active life and exercise …