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A Cup of Matcha a Day Keeps the Doctor Away


A Cup of Matcha a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

When I first began drinking matcha, it was to try a variation on tea, to have something new to drink. Of course, I also loved that it was a really bright green powder. I figured anything that green has to be really good for you! But after about three months of drinking matcha, I noticed I didn’t catch the usual winter cold.

I would always load up on vitamin C during the winter, especially when people at the office started getting sick. You could actually watch the colds progress through the building; one by one, co-workers would start getting sick as the germs would transfer through the building, I believe through the ventilation system.

Because I took natural herbs and vitamin C, plus natural juices, I was usually the last one to catch the cold, but none-the-less, the cold would finally catch up with me. . . however, not the year I started drinking matcha!  It was the first winter that I did not catch a cold, and ever since I’ve been drinking matcha to  keep me well.

EGCG's in Matcha

Antioxidants and Catechins
Matcha is packed with anti-oxidants, and for those of us who load up on fruits and vegetables, one bowl of matcha actually has up to 5 times more than these other natural foods. It’s rated highest by the ORAC (oxygen radical absorbance capacity) method. As it turns out, matcha is unique in that its anti-oxidants come from catechins pigallocatechin gallate (EGCg) making up 60% of the catechins in matcha green tea. Matcha actually has over 100 times more EGCg than other regular infused teas.

No wonder my immune system was so much stronger. By drinking pure, authentic matcha, I had strengthened my immune system 5 times greater than my normal diet was providing. And of all the catechins, it was nice to find out that EGCg is the anti-oxidant most widely recognized for it cancer fighting properties.

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Calm & Concentration
Matcha is also known for its ability to gently lift while creating a sense of calm. It’s low-level caffeine and l-theanine within the tea, combine to create subtle energy with a sense of well-being.

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Matcha also enhances the ability to concentrate and I enjoy drinking it when I have a report to write or something important that I need to focus on. I found it’s perfect to drink one cup of matcha in the morning, maybe a second bowl within the hour- as it is very enjoyable, and then a third cup of matcha at high tea time in the afternoon to finish getting through the day.  It’s nice to have a natural treat with matcha, a common way of serving matcha in Japan.

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Here at A Taste for Tea we are a bunch a fun-loving tea drinkers, particularly matcha. We love matcha not only as a Japanese traditional and very auspicious drink, but for its wonderful health-giving properties. Loaded with anti-oxidants, catechins, chlorophyll and vitamin C, it's an enjoyable way to gain health and enjoy the l-theanine sense of sustained calm energy. Our goal is to share the tea and the experience for those learning all about matcha.

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