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Iced Matcha with Lemon


Iced Matcha with Lemon

Just like other teas, matcha is delicious over ice with lemon! Matcha is the raw form of the camelia senensis tea plant. Matcha may be sweetened with honey or sugar just like regular black teas. However, if you are using ceremonial matcha, you will find that it is naturally sweet and smooth and that it is sweet enough all on its own!

To fill an 8oz glass, use 1/2 teaspoon of matcha. Heat your water, add matcha and mix well. If you whisk the matcha longer than 30 seconds this will help to cool down the matcha. Cut some lemon wedges and squeeze 1 tablespoon of fresh lemon juice into the matcha. Add your sweetener of choice.

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Once you feel the matcha is cool enough, pour the matcha over the ice and fill your glass. Add a lemon wedge and enjoy this healthy and energizing, delicious glass of iced matcha, a wonderful refreshment on a summer’s day. Guests enjoy this beverage and are often surprised and pleased to see the appealing bright green color of iced matcha! Perfect for summer and the 4th of July!

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Here at A Taste for Tea we are a bunch a fun-loving tea drinkers, particularly matcha. We love matcha not only as a Japanese traditional and very auspicious drink, but for its wonderful health-giving properties. Loaded with anti-oxidants, catechins, chlorophyll and vitamin C, it's an enjoyable way to gain health and enjoy the l-theanine sense of sustained calm energy. Our goal is to share the tea and the experience for those learning all about matcha.

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