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Nancy & Harris, an elegant and casual lifestyle

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Nancy Feldman and her husband, Harris, emulate an active yet casual, comfy and classy lifestyle. Matcha fits in perfectly with their daily routine and activities. Both are active seniors, trim and in shape. They enjoy gardening and thoughtfully xeriscaped their lawn with drought tolerant plants and fragrant naturals such as lavender and roses. Folks in the neighborhood love to stop and enjoy their beautiful yard, admiring the many California native plants.

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Although Nancy is retired, friends still ask for her help and advice decorating their homes. Nancy is an interior decorator as you will see in these lovely pictures in her own stylish home. Nancy and Harris enjoy travel often visiting their daughter, son-in-law and baby grandson in Las Vegas. And of course, Annie, their lovable golden retriever is not far from their sides- at home, on the road, and taking walks with Harris in the neighborhood. They found Annie at a rescue center and it’s nice to know that the quality of Annie’s life is now filled with gentle care and kindness.

We like that a lot too, because we feel matcha is about goodness, health and a sense of well-being. The low level caffeine in tea leaves mixed with the natural l-theanine contained in the leaf, presents a sense of calm and serenity, along with a slow release of sustainable energy. It’s a perfect lifestyle match! Plus, Annie is arguably one of the sweetest dogs you’ll ever meet!

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When Nancy first tried matcha, she had already seen a morning television talk show where reactions to matcha were quite mixed. Growing up in the land of Lipton Black Tea in America, many people don’t know what to expect when they experience camellia senensis (tea) in its raw true form. Matcha is the whole green leaf, washed, lightly steamed, dried and de-stemmed. Then it is ground into a fine green powder, but not roasted like black tea. It is bright green in color and smells sort of grassy or vegetal. Add some hot water, mix well, and the aroma of a green tea field appears.

A high quality ceremonial matcha will taste sweet and smooth. For a ‘western palette’ adding almond or soy milk is often enjoyed. Nancy particularly likes her matcha with a little vanilla Soy Dream. However, when she first tried the ceremonial straight, she was pleasantly surprised and said with a big smile, “It wasn’t bitter at all. It takes much better than I thought it would. After watching the mixed reactions on the television show, I wasn’t sure I would like it.”

NancyKitchen_cuppaGreen Enjoying Matcha

Nancy learned that matcha is often served with a small treat for mid-morning tea or afternoon treat at high tea. It’s good to eat a little something with any black or green tea. On an empty stomach, tannins (polyphenols) in tea can create a queasy feeling, so best to have eaten breakfast or enjoy your matcha with a little treat as they do in Japan.

Morningcuppa-rawbananadateballs3  Morning Matcha

In this photo, matcha is served with raw banana date ball natural treats. In Japan, treats are often served with a sweet adzuki bean with a pastry crust. Matcha with a treat is a perfect and healthy snack. It’s also delicious to cap off a meal with a nice, hot, soothing cup of ceremonial matcha.

Nancy_kitchenFridge Matcha Happiness

Thanks to Nancy and Harris Feldman for letting us visit their home and see a little of their ‘matcha’ lifestyle!

Barista's Matcha Barista’s Matcha 
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