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Green Tea and Protection from DNA Damage


North America has only experienced matcha in the marketplace for about 10 years, and it’s just now becoming a more recognized word. In Japanese , ‘ma’ means stone-ground, and ‘cha,’ means tea, or stone-ground tea called ‘matcha.’ Green tea leaves are lightly steamed and dried, then slowly ground into a nutrient rich powder. The matcha powder is whisked with hot water to become a delicious hot cup of tea. With matcha trending in the marketplace, it’s important to understand the health benefits and why it’s so beneficial to help maintain good health.Egcg500


Matcha is loaded with polyphenols called EGCg’s. Fighting against the underlying causes of aging and disease here are several reasons why it’s important to include matcha in your daily diet:

  •  Green tea offers neuro protection for Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Disease, this is specifically attributed to the polyphenols within matcha.


  • Green tea is known to fight against excess Metabolic Syndrome, a combination of abdominal fat, high blood pressure, elevated glucose, and abnormal lipid profiles. Drinking a daily matcha can help reduce problems that result from metabolic syndrome including risk for diabetes, cancer, stroke and heart attacks.  A large epidemiological study concluded that green tea actually lowers cardiovascular risk.


  • Another amazing benefit that no one expects, is that green tea promotes bone health. Oxidative stress in our cells can impact new bone formation.  The polyphenols in tea suppress bone breakdown and additionally help to promote new bone formation.

With our bodies under constant chemical and physical attack, it makes sense to add a daily cup of matcha to our diets to help prevent DNA damage, oxidative stress and age accelerating processes.  So simple and good, at $1.00 or less a day, it’s probably one the best things we can do to improve our health. Combining matcha with exercise, proper rest and eating well, makes a great combination for staying healthy!
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Here at A Taste for Tea we are a bunch a fun-loving tea drinkers, particularly matcha. We love matcha not only as a Japanese traditional and very auspicious drink, but for its wonderful health-giving properties. Loaded with anti-oxidants, catechins, chlorophyll and vitamin C, it's an enjoyable way to gain health and enjoy the l-theanine sense of sustained calm energy. Our goal is to share the tea and the experience for those learning all about matcha.